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18 November 2008 @ 05:56 pm
MAROON 5 ♥  

FInally I can post (exam week, it's hell).
The main reason I post is: MAROON 5 CONCERT. Which was like OMG.

Noe bought the tickets, and we were more than happy to go (and you probably noticed by my previous entries xD plus all the people I annoyed via msn :D). A week or two before the concert, Noe sent me an email saying her boss let her that evening free, and she was planning to go to their hotel with another girl :O I said yes, but I really didn'y know if I could go since the concert seemed to be in the middle of my exams (which wasn't like that thank God).
The day of the concert we went some hours before and headed to the hotel where Noe's friend, Pats, said the guys where satying. You know I'm a fangirl, but no to a point to wait somebody outside the hotel, so this kind of me made me feel weird. We met with Pats, and another friend of them, Florencia (I think that was her name). The hotel turned out to be in Puerto Madero (a place that Proyectual of the first semester made me hate xD). Outside the hotel there were already girls standing, and looked at us with killer faces :P
Wr sta there and...waited xD I don't know if it passed already an hour or what, but I see two girls running (previous to that, Noe says something like a guy that looked a lot like Matt- the drummer- passed by). Suddenly, a the whole group of girls run for the lives to where the supposed Matt was standing (out of sight, of course). Noe, Pats, Florencia and I just stood there, laughing because of what just happened (no, we didn't run). Minutes later, happy girls come back to the entrance. Oh, yes it was Matt. One girl (I think her name was Melisa) said that he had been sweet to all the girls, took pictures with them and autographed them :D So we were happy for them...not angry, which was alright.
By this point, it was already 4 in the afternoon or so, and I was dying of hunger. Florencia left, because she had to form the line in the theatre for the show later at night, so now we were just Noe and Pats. Another friend of them, Insy, just arrives, and she was part of some fan club of Maroon 5.
I begged Noe to go to some store because seriously, I think I'd die right there xD So she and Pats decides to acompanny me.
We were just over the corner, waiting for the light to turn down, when somthing caught my attention: a cab, and a long haired, blonde man coming out of it. Mm, funny, he looks like James (the guitar player)...
I tell this to Noe, just in joke, because how could it be to be him? She stared at him, Pats did the same (the light turned already by this point xD). We stood there, silent. This misterious man, who was way taller than a regular person with sun glasses, cross the street with two another men. They walk to our direction, we stare at them. They stare at us. :P I think they were looking for the garage entrance, so they went into the opposite direction. Noe and Pats were debating their saelves wheter to walk to their way. I wanted to stay, maybe he wasn't no one xD
Pats takes courage, grabs Noe and I and says "okay, we'll just walk and see if they're them". We walk, but they were no where in sight, till we pass just in front of the garage entrance, and yes, the three of them where there. I didn't looked at them, but Pats and Noe stopped. "OMG,it's Mickey" (the bass player). I looked bac, and ideed, it was James, and Mickey, who always had long hair, now cutted his hair and they were looking at us :/
Noe walks towards them (Pats and I were frozed xD), and says something like "Can we...take a picture...?"
Mickey says something like "Sure.." but none of us moved (not even them). Here the funny part I've noticed: we couldn't move because we couldn't believe it was them, and they didn't move because maybe they thought that if they did, we'd scream xD We're not screaming girls, we're pretty quiet xD So the third man (who I was hoping it was Jesse, but of course it wasn't) turned out to be some Argentinean guy who said something like "Hello, yes, I'm argentinean, I'm not of the band, so I'm no one". Poor him, he was jealous, I knew it xD So Noe gives the Argentinean the camera and runs into Mickey arms. James look at us and said "Vengan, vengan". So Pats and I walk to him. Click. TA-DA! Picture with Mickey and James of Maroon 5 :D
James beside me, as you can see, seemed like a giant...or I'm very small xD 
Sentimental part: I felt bad because, poor of them, we annoying them with a picture xD Plus we were so in shock that we couldn't speak to them xD Just Noe who said "We don't bite" ("It's kay, it's okay" scary? Mickey said) and at the end said "See you guys tonight".
We went back to the hotel entrance, still in the fifth cloud when Insy comes and we told her what happened. She's a huge fan of James, so I felt pretty bad because she wasn't with us in that moment :( And all the girls wanted to kill us because no one saw them before xD Oh well, it was luck...and that I was hungry :P Noe, Pats, Insy and I outside the hotel, all with happy faces (post Mickey and James xD)
The rest of the evening was spent by tourist asking what we where doing there, mean body guards who said "why you even here?", and the manager sending message to the crazy fans (which I don't include myself 'cause I never screamed in the hotel, I swear!).
One hour away from the show and they were about to come out :D The fivve of them! So the body guards made us form something like a  line...and I don't know how, but I ended up in the front with Insy. Everybody was getting impatient. I've saw Jesse (on the keyboards hehe) by the door glasses and I went all excited.
The first one to come out is Jesse. My goodness. He had been always my favorite, but I never thought I could've seen him this close. He's stunning. And he passes us by he says "Muchas gracias" in that sweet tone he has ♥ Gosh, I feel in love. Then I don't remember who came after him...wehn Adam went out everybody screamed and almost throw at him, that's because I didn't see him...and didn't even try to xD
All excited and amazed by the five guys, everybody runs to the theatre because it was like 8:40 and it started 9:30 :P
Noe, Pats (who were talking of Adam like he was God hehe), Insy (who told me Jesse was about to grab her hand :O) and I took a cab to the theatre.
When we got there we split, since Insy and Pats had another seats :(.

After a hour of the supporting band played (Interrama, good music, nice boys, but we wanted Maroon 5 xD), opera music starts to play (?) and the five of them come into stage. Screams, screams, screams. "This Love" starts to sound, everyone went crazy :D
Adam (the singer) spent the whole concert dancing sensualy for female crowd, and the songs where most of their first album "Songs About Jane". When they sang "Shiver"...that was amazing, it's one of my favorite songs, so I sang along it...like the rest xD 
"She will be loved" and "Won't go home without you" were beautiful. Especially in this last one because everybody, the entiere theahtre sang along Adam, which was quite surprising. Everyone knew all the lyrics! :D I took some pictures and videos, but they didn't came out as awesome as Noe's :D
Almost at the end, the exit of the stage was in the same way as the hall we had near us, so Noe and I ran to it (I ended up again in front, just between the security people xD) and saw Jesse and the rest for one last time pretty close. I was out of words, and I can say I could die right away xD

So that was it. Even if I felt bad because we intruded in James and Mickey exit of the fans, it was amazing :D Best day of my life. Plus I met amazing people, like Pats and Insy :) And Ihave to thank Noe for making me go LOL
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marumelongum on November 19th, 2008 01:58 pm (UTC)
fuaaaaa.. esta todo en inglés!! Leí un pedazo groso..Tenía que hacerlo porque ni idea de quienes eran los de la foto! :B Paso a saludar doña! :) Otro día me leo la otra parte! :D besote! :x
Jules: alicesweetgirl26 on November 19th, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
Uy sii es que estaba a full...no se por que siempre en ingles xD Me gusta mas (?)
Gracias por leer :) Si ya se, no era el cantante, pero nosotras salimos enamoradisimas igual xD Besoo
Lau: FOB - Trickcakelali_sweety on November 23rd, 2008 04:48 pm (UTC)
Y todo porque tenias hambre!!
Te juro que yo me hubiera quedado como ustedes, no me podria mover.

Este Adam es un zarpado, un dia de tanto joder se lo van a violar :P

Que suerte que la pasaste lindo, Ju!!
Jules: likelovesweetgirl26 on November 23rd, 2008 10:02 pm (UTC)
Todas se me mueren de risa por eso, porque aparte de que se piensan que soy muerta de hambre, con esto me hundi xD Jajajaja
Si...igual no creo que le moleste (?)